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Nakkid Youth

NAKKID Club: Since 2009, Frank has worked in the Club scene in all facets. He began in Santa Rosa, CA, Hosting & Bartending the areas only Gay Night Club Bottom's Up. He then collaborated with local promoters to turn the Restaurant & Bar he managed into a monthly night club named Club 121. Once he moved to San Francisco, he began Bartending at The End Up, the premiere after hours House Music venue in Northern California. In addition, he began Go-Go dancing in Clubs around the United States, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Las Vegas.


Also, he and friend turned business partner, International Drag Recording Artist, BeBe Sweetbriar, came together to create a quarterly dance party for Adult Film lovers named PORNO held all over the bay area at venues such as Beatbox SF, and the Legendary STUD SF. The success of this party lead to the creation of Sweet Turkie Presents, an events production company that hosts parties and books talent.




OUT Magazine: Stoli Night Hawks Bartender feature: Frank Fanucchi



Sweet Turkie is the love child of Drag Superstar BeBe Sweetbriar & International & Award-Winning Adult Entertainer Turk Mason. The Sweet comes from Sweetbriar and Turkie from Turk; since Turk Mason fans have been lovingly coined 'turkies' since 2008.


These two San Francisco based entertainers joined forces in late 2011, and have since taken the SF gay night life by storm, with their singing, dancing, acting, hosting, and promoting. Their first joint endeavor was back in 2008 when they co-hosted a Halloween event for the STOP AIDS campaign. Years later they met again to co-host a couple of events at Supper Club SF. From their Turk was featured in the music videos for BeBe's third and fourth singles and accompanied BeBe on tour as a backup dancer. They later went on to co-star in a short film together, released in mid 2014.


Realizing how good of a team they made, the next logical step was to develop and co-host a party of their own; this party became known as 'Porno'. The premise behind this party was to have a venue where adult industry performers, producers, promoters, fans, and friends, could meet, dance, drink, and have a great time. Porn Stars and Drag Queens have always had a certain kinship; this party brought them together, naughtily of course.


With the resources and contacts that BeBe and Turk have made over their long careers, they have also been able to create a talent database of sorts, where other promoters can go to find and hire talent for their events. This database is always free for talent.


If you are a dancer, model, actor, drag performer, musician, DJ, or entertainer of any kind in Northern California and wish to learn more about how Sweet Turkie can find you more work, free of charge and without contractual obligation, visit the Sweet Turkie Talent Database here for current talent search listings. If you are a promoter, casting agent, or producer in Northern California or beyond and are in search of new talent for your next event or project, contact us to see how Sweet Turkie Talent can help you.




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