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Nakkid Youth




A literal 'Jack of all Trades', Frank is a San Francisco based Web & Graphic Designer, Event Planner, Talent Booker, Party Host, MC, Bartender, GoGo & Backup Dancer, Licensed Esthetician, Model, Actor and more.


This highly motivated savant created 'Nakkid Youth' to house his many talents, both established and still growing. Frank has a way of finding the beauty in everything he does, thus titling this ongoing project 'Nakkid Youth' referring to his coined definition of the term 'Nakkid' (see right).


Read on to find out what Frank can do for you...

Nak-kid (nak' kid) adj.

The state of human beings in their truest form. An exclusively human characteristic that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. Nakkid is a characteristic of youth, that all human beings wish to hold onto for as long as they live -


It is true, it is raw, it is beautiful.


NAKKID Web: Since 2008, Frank has created, developed, and continues to maintain nearly a dozen websites and counting. He is incredibly particular and won't quit until he has gotten everything done to the clients liking. He continues to pursue knowledge of new industry skills to keep his work as current as possible.


In addition to Web Design and maintenance, Frank is also a Graphic Designer, focusing on event promotions and business advertisments. Currently he holds the position of Editor-in-Chief & Creative Director of Layout & Design at Gloss Magazine. He creates one-of-a-kind promotional materials for web, social media, and print. Always professional and affordable - To hire Frank for your next project, or to find out more visit: Nakkid Web.


NAKKID Club: Since 2009, Frank has worked in the Club scene in all facets. He began in Santa Rosa, CA, Hosting & Bartending the areas only Gay Night Club Bottom's Up. He then collaborated with local promoters to turn the Restaurant & Bar he managed into a monthly night club named Club 121. Once he moved to San Francisco, he began Bartending at The End Up, the premiere after hours House Music venue in Northern California. In addition, he began Go-Go dancing in Clubs around the United States, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Las Vegas.


Also, he and friend turned business partner, International Drag Recording Artist, BeBe Sweetbriar, came together to create a quarterly dance party for Adult Film lovers named PORNO held all over the bay area at venues such as Beatbox SF, and the Legendary STUD SF. The success of this party lead to the creation of Sweet Turkie Presents, an events production company that hosts parties and books talent. To book talent, find a venue for your next event, or to attend one of Sweet Turkie's events, visit: Nakkid Club.


NAKKID Media: Since the age of 3, Frank has been modeling - featured first in his families’ small business ads in the local newspaper. Throughout his childhood and young adult life he continued to model both for his family business and other local businesses. At the age of 18, Frank became a print and figure model and moved to Los Angeles to pursue this and other divisions of the entertainment industry. In 2011, he was cast as the supporting actor in a short film by Amir Jaffer, titled Eternal. After the success of this film, he then decided to pursue acting as well as modeling and has since starred in several other projects. Frank is no stranger to the camera, runway, dance, music videos, or film. To view Frank's portfolio and filmography, visit: Nakkid Media.


NAKKID Health: Frank has always been dedicated to good health. Originally, Frank enrolled in College with the goal of becoming a Dietitian. Soon, he isolated his focus to Skin Care and became a licensed Esthetician. Frank believes that Nutrition and fitness, plus good skin health, total to one’s overall well-being. To book Frank for a Facial, Waxing, or other Skincare service, visit: Nakkid Health.


NAKKID Living: Frank has had a very colorful and at times difficult life. In 2010, he began taking the time to document his stories and has been in the process of writing his autobiography ever since. The title of this ongoing work is The Nakkid Truth. To read some completed passages and eventually purchase this publication, please visit: Nakkid Living.



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