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Nakkid Youth



Since the age of 3, Frank has been modeling - featured first in his families’ small business ads in the local newspaper. Throughout his childhood and young adult life he continued to model both for his family business and other local businesses. At 18, Frank became a print & figure model and moved to Los Angeles to pursue this and other divisions of the entertainment industry.



Under the alias' Turk Melrose and Turk Mason, Frank worked for nearly 10 years in the Adult Entertainment business. He has starred in over 50 titles, was featured in hundreds of magazines and websites worldwide, and was nominated for - and won, several awards both in the US and internationally for his work as an Actor, as well as his work behind the camera as a Web Designer, Talent Scout, Make-Up Artist & Production Assistant. For a complete listing of Franks Adult work, visit Turk Mason (NSFW 18+).


In 2011, he was cast as the supporting actor in a short film by Amir Jaffer, titled Eternal. After the success of this film, he then decided to pursue acting as well as modeling and has since starred in several other projects. Frank is no stranger to the camera, runway, dance, music videos, or film.


Jason Cayabyab Media: 'Nigel Who? II: The Story of a Comback from a Comeback' (Documentary) "Runway Model" 2012

Amir Jaffer Productions: 'Objectified' (Short) "Webcam Model" 2013 (LGBTQ Experimental Film Festival 2014 Contestant)

Amir Jaffer Productions: 'Eye Candy' (Short) "Man at the Beach" 2013

Cire Films: 'Rock Bottom: The Mitchell Rock Story' (Documentary) "Turk Mason" 2014

Aisha Media In Association with Amir Jaffer Productions: 'Eternal' (Feature Film) "James" 2014

Aisha Media In Association with Amir Jaffer Productions: 'Love Story for Paco' (Short) "Jordan" & "Jayden" 2015




SVTV 27: 'Battle of the Bartenders' - Competitive Bartender 2008

BBC France: 'A Day in the Life of an American Porn Star' - Featured Adult Entertainer 2009

Showtime: 'GAYVN Awards' - "Trophy Boy" to Host, Alec Mappa 2010

FOX News Nevada: 'Nigel Who? Runway' - Runway Model 2012

CSW: 'Los Angeles West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade' - GAPSN Float 2013

KOFY TV 20: 'San Francisco Pride Parade' - Dancer, London Breed Float 2013

KOFY TV 20: 'It's Everything with BeBe Sweetbriar' - Self, Actor 'Eternal' 2014



BeBe Sweetbriar: 'Stand Up' "Turk Mason" 2012

BeBe Sweetbriar: 'Here We Go' "The Victim" 2012

Heklina & Becky Motorlodge: 'This Used to be My Playground' "Cruiser" 2013

Silvina Vergara: 'Alma del Viento' "Soldier" 2014



 "Alma del Viento" By Silvina Vergara



 "Eye Candy" By Amir Jaffer



 "Objectified" By Amir Jaffer



"Rock Bottom" By Rome Grant



 "Nigel Who? II" By Jason Cayabyab



 "Eternal" By Amir Jaffer



 "Hours" By Amir Jaffer



 "Stand Up" By BeBe Sweetbriar Buy Here



"Here We Go" By BeBe Sweetbriar Buy Here


 "It's Everything with BeBe Sweetbriar" Interview



Rising Starz - By Owen Keehnen

Falcon Champions - By Bruno Gmunder

Red - By Dylan Rosser

Beautiful Vision - By BeautifulMag.Eu

Frank - By Mark Grantham (Front Cover)

Jason - By Mark Grantham

Play Things - By Justin Monroe

100 The Men of TheMaleForm.Net - By Dylan Rosser

Kissed - By Bruno Gmunder (Back Cover)

Intimate Landscapes - By David Prudeen (Back Cover)

The Legend of the Ditto Twins - Novel By Jerry Douglas (Front Cover)

Nakkid Youth - By Frank Fanucchi (Front Cover / Pre-Release)



Sonoma Valley Index Tribune: Advertisment(s), 1988-1989

Sonoma Valley Press Express: Advertisment(s), 1993-1994

Sonoma Valley Shoppers Express: Advertisment(s), 1993-1994

Sonoma Valley Yellow Pages: Advertisment(s), 1993-1995

X Factor: Feature, December 2005

Freshmen: Feature, January 2006

[2]: Feature, January-February 2006

Unzipped: Feature, February 2006

Freshmen: Feature Editorial, February 2006 (Front Cover)

Cybersocket: Feature, March 2006

Q Vegas: Advertisment(s), April 2006

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SX National: Feature, December 2006

Inches: Feature Editorial, January 2007 (Front Cover)

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Playguy: Feature Editorial, September 2008

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Freshmen: Feature Editorial, November 2008

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Allboy: Feature Editorial, February-March 2009

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Bliss Male Mag: Issue #13, Feature Editorial, March 2011 (Front Cover)

Edge: BeBe Sweetbriar's Fame, Feature, November 2011

Paper Mag: Feature, November 2011

Paper Mag: Feature, December 2011



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