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International & award-winning adult entertainer Turk Mason (previously Turk Melrose), has been performing since 2004 as one of the most notable 'muscle twinks' in gay porn. He is best known for his films with longtime on and off-screen partner Vance Winter (now separated). Turk is a sexually versatile performer who has worked on screen with men, women, and transsexuals.





In 2008, Turk created and maintained his own members-only fan site where his fans coined themselves 'turkies'. Now, Turk can be found acting, modeling, dancing, and hosting events in San Francisco, CA.


Turk has a way of finding the beauty in everything he does, thus titling this ongoing project 'Nakkid Youth' referring to his coined definition of the term 'Nakkid' (see below). To view Turk's films & photo galleries, follow the links at the top of your screen.


Now retired, Turk looks back on his ten year long career in the industry as a growing experience; necessary and essential to creating who he is today. Through his work in the entertainment industry he was able to connect with viewers, fans, and colleagues on a very personal and intimate level. There is nothing more revealing and true than being naked in-front of someone - whether for your partner, or an audience of millions. Having this kind of relationship with strangers, colleagues, and himself, he has acquired a keen insight into the human condition.





Grabbys 2009
Best Rimming Scene


Cybersocket 2009
"Top 50 Gay Porn Stars" (#16)


Chronicles of Pornia 2010
"Gay Porn Sex Symbols" (#2)


JRL's Gay Film Awards 2010
Best Twink Bottom Performer
'Just The Sex 2'


Chronicles of Pornia 2011
"The Savy Fab Four" (#3)




GAYVN 2009 Best Group Scene
'Best Men Part 2:
The Wedding Party'


Freshmen 2009
"Freshmen of the Year"


GAYVN 2009 Best Oral Scene
'Suck It Up'


Chronicles of Pornia 2009
"Most Desired Fan Obsession"


TLA Gaybies 2010
Best Gay Erotica
'Beautiful Vision'


Grabbys 2010 Best Threeway
'Dripping Wet 2'


Queer Click 2010
"Man of the Year"


Cybersocket 2009 & 2010
Best Amateur Webcam
'Turk XXX Online'

Nakkid, is a word Turk coined years ago. It is a mash-up of the words 'naked' and 'kid'. Nakkid relates to the freedom, beauty, and undeniable truth of not merely being nude physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. "Kid", as it is used in slang terminology, as an affectionate description of an individual of any age. We are all children in this world, naked, growing, changing, and evolving at every age.

Nak-kid (nak' kid) adj. - The state of human beings in their truest form. An exclusively human characteristic that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. Nakkid is a characteristic of youth, that all human beings wish to hold onto for as long as they live - It is true, it is raw, it is beautiful.


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